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About St.Thomas Church Bells

Mr. O.T Alexander with  Mar.Mathew Arackal Bishop of Kanjirapally. St. Thomas Church Bells – The Chief Executive officer of St. Thomas Church Bells is Mr. O.T.Alexander, The Managing Director of Avenue Hotels and Resorts, Cochin. We are dedicated to sales, marketing and servicing of bells including bell automation. The vast business experience of Mr. O.T.Alexander is guiding St. Thomas Church Bells to establish the sale of Jan Felczynski Bell Foundry in India.

We are the authorized agents and distributors for Jan Felczynski bells in Asia. Currently the company is in the hands of Piotr and Waldemar who have made great strides and inscriptions on the bells. It has achieved several awards, medals and recognitions. Some of the achievements are gold medals received at the Florence Italy Fair, gold medal at the Poznan Fair, medal for Professional Recognition granted by Spain magazine ACTUALIDAD etc. It has also received the blessings of Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul, the Second.

Jan Felczynski church bells always come in the right mix of copper and tin in the ratio of 78:22. Clappers of the bells are forged from ST3 steel only –this improves the sound quality further. Every bell casted has a unique parameter in terms of its tone, frequency and diameter. The unchanged technology to manufacture the bronze bells to its uncompromising purity, quality works of bas-relief and inscriptions on bells, unique tone and high resonance, very long warranty period, etc. explain its survival over two centuries.

The sound of the bell depends on the number of factors like its Profile, Right proportion of materials, Temperature of caster, Tuning etc. Digital tuners and advanced software allow calibrating of all main five tones of the bell - Hum, Prime, Tierce, Quint and Nominal. All bells produced are tuned by campanologists and thereafter profiled and certified and finally, shipped.As a value-addition we also fix hammers and electro-magnetic drives with controllers for the automatic hammering and swinging of bells at regular intervals and time schedules as per given programs. Bell automation system from Rduch is certified by German Institute of Straubing and it fulfills the norm DIN 4178 European standards. With the automation drive it is possible to program annual, monthly, weekly, holiday, one-off schedules to play the musical motives like Salve Regina, Gloria, Ave Maria, other minor/major motives etc. We also do program funeral and other Sequences for any time of the day of the week as per instructions of the Parish.