History and Foundary of Church Bells

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Think - here it all began

Founder of Church Bells The Christian religion, as a matter of introducing a ceremonial bell, caused the acceleration of the development of this branch of arts and crafts at the same time master. In a short time the whole world was then grown slender bell towers in their centers covering more and more perfect and beautiful instruments proclaiming the glory of God.

Our history dates back to the foundry as far back, as was established in 1808 by Michael Felczyńskiego in Kalush. Since its inception, the foundry has worked continuously with the exception of the difficult times of war. Family passion for art foundry ludwisarkiej allowed to survive to the present day. Great-grandson of John Felczyński after Poland regained independence, foundry business reactivated in 1948 in the town of Przemysl. John Felczyński was a grandmaster of art ludwisarskiej bells made by him to the beautiful sound today in thousands of churches around the world. He has won numerous awards - including the Fair in Poznań and Florence. He was the creator of the famous weighing 7 tons Dei Gratia bell.Casting Bell


Today we continue the tradition of faithful work of John from the restart ludwisarskiej studio art was passed on the peace granted for the Spurdog, and is now run by Piotr Olszewski, great-grandson of John Felczyńskiego, Waldemar with his father - a master of arts ludwisarskiej. Performed by the foundry bells for centuries enchant with their sound all over the world. Faithful to our ancestors, continually improving our foundry work today we offer the highest quality of church bells..