Sounds, Making, Installation of Bells

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Sound of Bells

Faithful to our ancestors, continually improving our foundry work today we offer the highest quality of church bells. Please choose the tone of the bells from the seven musical notes. We will guarantee the same tone on delivery. But usually in India, the bell foundries can only give the tone what they get after castings of the bell. In other words no guarantee for the chosen tone/note.

How to Order the bells

As far as delivery of bells in India is concerned, the approximate time taken for casting, Order Church Bellspacking and shipping will be three months from the date of placing the order. The transit time of shipment from Poland to India will be approximately 30 days. Bells are priced on the weight per kilogram. The bell manufactured by Jan Felczynski has a wonderful track record for its quality of sound and zero record of cracks on the bells. The guarantee for the bell electronic parts of the automation system is for 18 months. We also provide all technical support for bells and automation system. After the warranty period, we also undertake maintenance/technical support on an Annual Maintenance Contract basis.